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The "camera" for SOLIDWORKS and other CAD data

In order to quickly and easily create marketing quality images, SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium now come bundled with SOLIDWORKS Visualize (Formerly Bunkspeed). This new pairing supports an enhanced workflow to get from CAD to "Photo" in just five fun steps.

  • Intuitively drag/drop stunning and ready-to-use materials, environments, and backgrounds into your scene
  • Realize your concepts fast, accelerating the time to get your designs from concept to consumer
  • Craft emotional imagery from your SOLIDWORKS data just like using a camera
  • Show off every design detail with high quality graphic results in the least amount of time
  • Create, communicate, and collaborate more effectively to help drive innovation, make better design decisions, and develop better business solutions


SOLIDWORKS 2016 Simulation tools deliver more control and greater insight to verify design performance. Ensure sufficient detail in mesh density to accurately account for stress variations, to be confident in resulting performance data.

  • Improved control over operation sequencing, part movements, and mesh quality for detailed design simulations
  • Calculate loads accurately throughout operation, with no artificial stresses induced
  • Easily section the mesh for insight into internal mesh structure to ensure the desired mesh density at any location
  • Confidently determine the forces needed for operations and ensure they meet requirements


Many industries require flat patterns of complex geometry for manufacturing. Now you can flatten any surface and take the guesswork out of creating and validating flattened shapes.

  • Quickly and easily flatten even the most complex geometry
  • Flatten additional 3D curve geometry for a more accurate definition of internal features
  • Easily identify strains induced when forming shapes back onto 3D surfaces
  • Introduce relief cuts for the flat pattern to alleviate excessive stretch/compression


SOLIDWORKS speeds up your design process, keeps you focused on your work, and helps reduce time and effort to achieve your desired geometry.

  • Automatically create swept circular profiles in sections, with bi-directional sweeps in either or both directions with the Sweep command
  • Create complex blends and perfectly smooth fillets in seconds for all fillet types, including asymmetric and variable size with SOLIDWORKS Curvature Continuous Edge Fillets
  • Accurately model standard and custom-defined threads with one quick and easy-to-use command with the new Thread Wizard


Enhancements to the User Interface and workflows focus you on design (not the design tool) to increase productivity. The new look and feel is consistent across all of the SOLIDWORKS applications, for easy transition between tools.

  • Quickly and easily access any model without viewing the Feature Tree with new breadcrumbs
  • Immediately access all selections for quick and simple modifications
  • Reduce your mouse travel with the Breadcrumb in the cursor
  • Easily bring the Confirmation toolbar to the cursor
  • Apply transparency to the defined body, so selecting overlapping bodies is much easier with simplified Mate selections


SOLIDWORKS design tools can help you conceptualize, visualize, test, and document your 3D designs, getting your products to market faster. Check out how our entire product portfolio works together to design different components of a smart refrigerator.


New Mate Controller simplifies manipulation of assemblies with moving components, even those with many degrees of freedom, creating multiple solutions. Similar to a game controller, the new Mate Controller is an easy, intuitive way to create and animate complicated assembly motion.

  • Maintain precise control of the position for various components
  • Create as many positions as required to simulate how the mechanism will work
  • Temporarily unlock mates so components can be visually positioned from the graphics area
  • Communicate complex motion by easily calculating intermediate movements between positions


Manufacturers look to optimize how they work with suppliers. New enhancements to SOLIDWORKS MBD help you quickly and accurately communicate your design with downstream manufacturing operations.

  • Create dimensions quickly by automatically aligning selected edges horizontally or vertically
  • Fully annotate assemblies
  • Quickly identify tolerance zone orientation and location
  • Improve the output of 3D PDFs with support for decals and textures, and the re-use of SOLIDWORKS tables
  • Create multi-sheet PDFs with relevant information for manufacturers or suppliers


Downstream visualization of information is critical to engineering. eDrawings® improves collaboration and communication of designs throughout product development.

  • Consistently measure with eDrawings to automatically use the same units as in the original document
  • Quickly and easily navigate between documents with multiple view tabs
  • Support all assembly annotations and 3D Views created in SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD)
  • Visualize exploded states with animated viewing: manually explode or un-explode
  • View component descriptions in the Components pane to easily understand an assembly
  • More accurately view models with improved manipulation: "Zoomed in" – rotation is about the mouse pointer; "Zoomed out" – rotation is about center of the model rather than center of the scene


SOLIDWORKS 2016 was revealed to the world in a live simulcast on September 22nd, 2015 from the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

Watch now learn about new features from product demo’s that will help you get your job done Hear from the Executives on where we are now, and what’s coming next Listen to customers who are using SOLIDWORKS to design amazing products.

9/22/2015 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Edward Kennedy Institute, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


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