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Your Design Dreams


When you doodle in a notebook, sketch on a napkin, or sit at a computer and let your imagination fly, what do you create? Robots? Rocket cars? Space cities?



I was trying to find a cheaper material for our teachers to use when doing those bridge building classes to help inspire youngsters. I got to work on a design in SolidWorks and came up with what you see there in the picture. Destructive testing was slated to be done but one of the Mechanical Engineering Professors at our University UNLV in Las Vegas, wanted it for their museum. That is where it is now to help inspire many others into thinking outside of the box.

A restaurant with a new twist - An indoor marketplace with hocker stands of authentic foods from all over the world - Standalone stations for food preparation - electricity, washing station, etc - Scanner for getting food order at individual stands - Have themed nights with foods from same regions - Vendors pay to use facility and give facility owner a percentage of earnings - Vendors tend to be people interested in starting up a restaurant business, but do not have the funding or not sure it is worthwhile - like a test bed for new test ideas"

A sailboat with a submersed hull to allow the main hull to ride above the waves for a smooth ride. The submersed hull would have viewing windows to let you see below the waves

Misspent high school

King of the Hill Competition: Objective - Construct a motorized vehicle that will climb a ramp and stop at the top. Another vehicle climbs the opposite direction. The winner is the vehicle at the top. My design: I retrofitted a remote car with a mercury kill switch to get it to stop on top. I added spiked wheels to get up the carpeted ramp. I added a wedge to front design for opponent to drive over."

Egg Throw Competition: Objective - Construct a device to toss an egg the furthest distance. Must be Mechanical. Egg can't break. My design: I built a catapult. Used a garage spring for the power. Wrapped the egg in styrofoam compartment."

From stream dams, branch houses and forts, a failed attempt at a brick treehouse resulting with 5 stitches from a fallen brick on my head, building block forts and tincker toy and erectorset contraptions -- to while in college, building the heaviest homemade bike lock, lock carrier, and auto bike carrier -- to creating a baseball simulation that resulted output of several boxes of paper output of a full season of box scores. Teaching future designers by building lego structures with my daughters.

My dream is for a robot to clean my entire home including windows and ceiling fans

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