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Your Design Stories


Everyone has that special project — the one that tells a powerful story and creates an impact. What’s yours? Tell us about a project you or your team produced, and check out what others have created.





Please follow the steps below:

1. Record and upload your video to your YouTube account

2. Submit your YouTube embed code below:

3. Give your video a title

4. Tell us a little about your story

5. Tell us a little about yourself:

Tinkering makes things better - Jay P.

I have always loved taking things apart and putting them back together to make things better.

Paper and Pencil No More - Ditmars V.

Using CAD to take Pencil designs to the next level

College Robots - Marie Planchard

From tinkering in my Grandpa's shop to building robots in college, I always knew I wanted to be an engineer.

Find a Need and Fix it - Chinloo L.

I wanted to create, make something out of nothing, and see something come to life - that's why I became a designer.

Back Door into Engineering - Earl H.

I got into engineering through a back door because I wanted to design cars.

Designing with the User in Mind - Dean

In my senior design class, my professor, Dr. Greg Sawyer inspired me to become a designer and design products for the user. Now at SolidWorks, I'm in the user experience department and get to do what I love everyday.

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