Exhibitor Directory

SOLIDWORKS partners with industry-leading companies, who offer best-in-class hardware and software solutions. Whether you're looking for state-of-the art design, analysis, or manufacturing products, SOLIDWORKS partners have the perfect solutions to fit your needs. The following partners will be exhibiting their products in our exhibit hall throughout the event.

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Exhibitors

Category Exhibitor Name Booth Certification
Design/Drafting EFICAD 731
Piping & HVAC CAD Partner 919 Gold
Manufacturing RAPID 628
Graphics Accelerators AMD FirePro 401
Data Management xPLM Solution GmbH 435 Gold
Rapid Prototyping MakerBot 322
Tolerance Analysis Varatech, Inc. 416 Gold
Input/Output Devices 3Dconnexion, Inc. 713
Processors AMD 401
Design/Drafting ATR Soft 512 Gold
Computers Boxx Technologies, Inc 608
CAM C&G Systems Inc. 200 Gold
Mold and Die Design C&G Systems Inc. 200 Gold
PLM CIDEON America, Inc 933 Gold
Knowledge Based Engineering DriveWorks Ltd 817 Gold
CAM CAMWorks / Geometric Americas, Inc. 613 Gold
CAM 3D Systems - GibbsCAM 902 CAM
Customization/Development Graebert GmbH 835
Design/Drafting IntegrityWare, Inc. 328 Gold
PLM Keytech GmbH 319 Gold
Mold and Die Design Logopress 528 Gold
Component/Content Logopress 528 Gold
Sheet-Metal Fabrication Logopress 528 Gold
Digital Content Creation and Rendering Luxion 708
CAM Mastercam/CNC Software, Inc. 400 Gold
PDM MechWorks 612 Gold
Rapid Prototyping Roland DGA Corp. 529
Tolerance Analysis Sigmetrix 513 Gold
ERP Smooth Logics 302
Fluid Flow Software Cradle Co., Ltd. 533
PDM Synergis 514 Gold
Knowledge Based Engineering Tacton Systems 911 Gold
CAM ESPRIT/DP Technology 834 CAM
Rapid Prototyping Mcor Technologies Ltd. 609
Services Seaway Plastics Engineering Inc. 223
Services Stratus-X 917
Computers Lenovo 407
Plant Design SolidPlant B.V. 202
Implementation/Training i GET IT - TATA TECHNOLOGIES 633
Implementation/Training SolidProfessor 300
CAM BobCAD-CAM, Inc. 629 Gold
CAM Camtek GmbH/Opti Solutions 434 Gold
Services EpiGrid 1032
Knowledge Based Engineering Infor 910
Rapid Prototyping Proto Labs, Inc. 323
Sheet-Metal Fabrication SigmaTEK Systems 729 Gold
Optical Design and Analysis Optis 301 Gold
Component/Content SolidPartners, Inc. 809 Gold
PDM SolidPartners, Inc. 809
Computers Dell Inc. 701
Computers HP 217
Graphics Accelerators NVIDIA 217 & 407
CAM SolidCAM 603 Gold
Project Management Software Flatter Files 733
Processors Intel
PLM RevZone Solutions Ltd 426
Rapid Prototyping Stratasys 503
Industrial Design SolidThinking, Inc 932
PLM Kenesto 303
Reverse Engineering and Inspection 3D Infotech, Inc. 632
Services AIM Plastics 201
Steel Design Quadro Design 1018 Gold
FEA Infolytica 309
Computers MSI Computer Corp. 1011
ERP QBuild Corporation 103 Gold
DFM/DFA Geometric Americas 613
Manufacturing Stratasys Direct Manufacturing 509
3D Scanners ARTEC 3D 329
Data Management Coworkshop Solutions Ltd. 315
Rapid Prototyping Formlabs 1023
Input/Output Devices Wacom Technology 1025
Data Management eQuivaQ 1027
Computers Microsoft Corporation 117
Rapid Prototyping Markforged 226
Rapid Prototyping 3D Systems 707
ECAD Altium 728
Design/Drafting HawkWare 914
Input/Output Devices KeyMouse 305 New
Rapid Prototyping Rize Incorporated 732 New
Data Interoperability Elysium Inc. 311
Implementation/Training Pluralsight 317 New
ECAD EMA Design Automation 313 New
Manufacturing Plethora 227 New
Process Management & Planning MISys 807 New
Computers Puget Systems 327 New
Optical Design and Analysis Zemax LLC 222 New
Manufacturing VistaTek 228 New
3D Scanners Creaform 532
Component/Content Misumi USA, Inc. 123 New
Design/Drafting Landmark Technology Corporation 326 New
Technical Publications 307
Rapid Prototyping Prototype Solutions Group, Inc. 735
Rapid Prototyping SeeMeCNC 333 New
Reverse Engineering and Inspection Origin International Inc. 404 New
Rapid Prototyping XYZPrinting, Inc. 225
Rapid Prototyping Sindoh 702 New
Engineering Analysis Kozo Keikaku Engineering, Inc. 534 New
Services Panzura 1029 New
Knowledge Based Engineering Lino GmbH 913
Reverse Engineering and Inspection FARO Technologies Inc. 1010
Rapid Prototyping Ultimaker 422 New
VR Technology Pronohearts 129 New
Tolerance Analysis Technical Consultants, Inc. 418 New
Connected Devices Xively by LogMeIn 406 New
Manufacturing CATIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Design/Drafting CATIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Industrial Design CATIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
FEA SIMULIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
PDM EXALEAD (Dassault Systemes) 519
PLM ENOVIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Design/Drafting SOLIDWORKS (Dassault Systemes) 519
Data Interoperability SPATIAL (Dassault Systemes) 519
Component/Content EXALEAD (Dassault Systemes) 519
Data Management EXALEAD (Dassault Systemes) 519
Process Management & Planning DELMIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Manufacturing DELMIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
CAM DELMIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Data Management ENOVIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
PDM ENOVIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Customization/Development SPATIAL (Dassault Systemes) 519
Engineering Analysis SPATIAL (Dassault Systemes) 519
Engineering Analysis SOLIDWORKS (Dassault Systemes) 519
PDM SOLIDWORKS (Dassault Systemes) 519
Customization/Development SIMULIA (Dassault Systemes) 519
Cloud Computing Frame 1019 New
Digital Content Creation and Rendering Tetra4D 915
Data Management XLM Solutions 101
Manufacturing Advanced Metalcraft 335 New
Rapid Prototyping Argyle Materials 1033 New
Rapid Prototyping Materialise 1016 New