Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional in CAM

Employers can be confident that an individual with this certification understands SOLIDWORKS CAM tools and functionality.

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Note: You must use at least SOLIDWORKS 2018 for this exam. Any use of a previous version will result in the inability to open some of the testing files.  The functionality needed for this exam is found in SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard.

Exam Length

180 minutes

Minimum Passing grade


About the Exam

All candidates receive electronic certificates and a personal listing on the CSWP directory* when they pass.

Exam features hands-on challenges in many of these areas based on SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard functionality:

  • Technology Database
  • Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR)
  • Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR)
  • Define Machine
  • Define Stock
  • Define Coordinate System
  • Define Machinable Features
  • Simulate Toolpaths
  • Post Process Toolpaths
  • Extract Machinable Features
  • Generate Operation Plan
  • Generate Toolpaths and NC Code
  • Modify Tools
  • Machining Parameters
  • Design Changes
  • Create avoid and contain areas
  • Save Operation Plan
  • Operation Modification
  • Interactive 2.5 Axis Mill Operations
  • Machining Operations:
    • Rough Milling
    • Finish (Contour) Milling
    • Face Milling
    • Drilling
    • Center Drilling
    • Counterbore
    • Countersink
    • Multi-step Hole
    • Tap
    • Ream
  • Engraving
  • Corner Round and Chamfer Machining
  • Machine using Waterjet, Plasma or Laser

Re-test Policy

There is a minimum 14 day waiting period between every attempt of the CSWP-CAM exam. Also, a CSWP-CAM exam credit must be purchased for each exam attempt.

Take the Exam  Sample Exam (ZIP)