2. Mold Making (CSWPA-MM)

Mold Making (CSWPA-MM)

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Mold Making (CSWPA-MM)

The completion of the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Mold Making (CSWPA-MM) exam shows that you have successfully demonstrated your ability to use SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools functionality with Mold Making Industry knowledge.

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Note: You must use at least SOLIDWORKS 2015 for this exam. Any use of a previous version will result in the inability to open some of the testing files.

Exam Length

2 hours

Minimum Passing grade


About the Exam

All candidates receive electronic certificates and personal listing on the CSWP directory* when they pass.

Exam features hands-on challenges in many of these areas of the SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools functionality and Mold Industry knowledge:

  • Parting Line Creation
  • Cavity Tool
  • Draft Analysis
  • Undercut Analysis
  • Mold Cooling Problem
  • Max Mold Opening
  • Parting Surface Creation
  • Runner and Sprue fill
  • Shrink / Scale factor
  • Shut-off Surface Creation
  • Modifying Shut-off Surfaces
  • Create Side Cores
  • Create Tapered Interlocks
  • Surfacing:
    • Ruled Surface
    • Planar Surface
    • Knit Surface
    • Filled Surface
    • Extend Surface
    • Trim Surface
    • Lofted Surface

Re-test Policy

There is a minimum 14 day waiting period between every attempt of the CSWPA-MM exam.  Also, a CSWPA-MM exam credit must be purchased for each exam attempt.

Take the Exam Sample CSWPA-MM Exam