2. Technology Educator Competency Exam

Technology Educator Competency Exam

Technology Educator Competency Exam

Technology Educator Competency Exam (TECE) is intended for educators that teach using SOLIDWORKS software in a classroom setting. The TECE demonstrates technical proficiency in classroom instruction for 3D CAD, simulation and sustainable design. Educators must be registered as an Academic Certification Provider.

Who should take the TECE

The TECE is intended for all educators with basic knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and how SOLIDWORKS is applied in a design environment.  

SOLIDWORKS recommends that applicants review the CAD Instructor Guide or review the Fundamentals of 3D Design and Simulation CAD eBook.  The eBook is available for free to all EDU customers on active subscription, please contact your reseller. 

Organization of the TECE

The TECE is divided into 6 basic categories.

Overview of SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Resources for Educators

  • 3D Modeling concepts
  • SolidWorks User Interface
  • Open, Save, and Copy Files
  • Curriculum and Community Resources for Educators and Student

Part Modeling Basics

  • Creating new parts
  • Sketching concepts
  • Geometric relations
  • Creating Features
  • View Orientation
  • Reuse of geometry
  • Modifying a part
  • Photorealistic rendering

Assembly Modeling Basics

  • Creating new assemblies
  • Mate types
  • Degrees of Freedom
  • Manipulating components
  • Patterns
  • Display Modes

Drawing Basics

  • Drawing concepts and good engineering drawing practices
  • Views and view orientation in a drawing
  • Detailed drawings of parts and assemblies
  • Sheet Formats and Drawing Templates

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Overview

  • Sustainable Design Concepts
  • Measure environmental impacts of various design choices
  • Understand environmental factors
  • Manufacturing and material selection choices

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Overview

  • Simulation concepts
  • Understand why analysis is important in a design
  • Know the process of calculating a stress analysis
  • Additional simulation and analysis types in SolidWorks

Format of the TECE

The TECE requires the applicant to answer 30 questions in multiple choice and multiple answer format. A score of 80% or higher is required to pass.

TECE Certificate of Completion

After the applicant passes the TECE and signs the required agreements, you receive a TECE Certificate of Completion. As an Academic Certification Provider, the applicant is eligible to take the CSWA exam.

How do I get my SOLIDWORKS Accredited Educator Certification?

To receive the SOLIDWORKS Accredited Educator Certification, the applicant must

  • be registered as an Academic Certification Provider
  • take and pass the CSWA*
  • take and pass the TECE

*If you are already CSWA certified, you just need take and pass the TECE. Academic Certification Providers must be on subscription and meet minimum license requirements

Certificates can be verified and printed from the SOLIDWORKS Certification Center.