Myriad Wind Energy Systems Improves Wind Turbine Design with SOLIDWORKS Start-Up Program

Innovative startup leverages the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurs Program to design and test new wind turbine concepts that blow away the competition.


Reduce carbon footprints , and decrease the competitive cost of wind energy compared with traditional fossil fuels by capturing wind energy.


Using SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD modeling and SOLIDWORKS Premium and Simulation Premium with the  SOLIDWORKS Startup Program to develop innovative new solutions at a very low cost.  


  • SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurs Program allows start-up to scale up as you grow
  • Allowed for assessing different design concepts quickly
  • Using FEA simulation capabilities in SOLIDWORKS to assess if designs were structurally sound
  • Easy to build up the complexity of designs to start reducing unnecessary material, and become more efficient

Driven by governmental policies aiming to reduce carbon footprints along with the increasingly competitive cost of wind energy compared with traditional fossil fuels, capturing wind energy is an attractive source of renewable energy. The planet will not run out of wind, so companies are racing to advance wind turbine technology to more efficient, more resilient, and bigger turbines. Larger turbines capture wind at higher altitudes where it tends to be stronger and more consistent, leading to better capacity factors and energy yields.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “the U.S. wind industry installed 13,413 megawatts (MW) of new wind capacity in 2021, bringing the cumulative total to 135,886 MW. Wind provides more than 9% of electricity nationwide, over 50% in Iowa and South Dakota, and over 30% in Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota….”

The wind energy sector has unique challenges. Commercial onshore wind turbine blades are typically over 150 feet long, and some offshore blades exceed 350 feet. Extreme blade length complicates not only testing and manufacturing but also blade transport and delivery to customer sites.

The Winds of Change

Glasgow-based Myriad Wind Energy Systems is innovating next-generation high-performance wind energy solutions to mitigate some of the current challenges in the industry.

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Cranking Out Design Concepts

Assessing different design concepts quickly helped the young company test the most viable solutions. Myriad Wind Energy also used the built-in finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities in SOLIDWORKS to assess if designs were structurally sound. “It was really quick to be able to run some simulations and get an idea of the structural integrity,” recalls Pirrie. “That really helped us develop the concept further. From there you can build up the complexity, start reducing the material, and make more efficient [and detailed] designs.”

Moreover, Pirrie loved being able to show investors and stakeholders full-color 3D CAD models that helped everyone to visualize design concepts and gain a more complete understanding of the technology.

Growing Forward

The company is planning to build a prototype of its state-of-the-art wind turbine in 2025. “I recommend the SOLIDWORKS Startup Program to other entrepreneurs,” concludes Pirrie. “It scales up as you grow, which is a great feature.”

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