2. Produits partenaires

Produits partenaires

Les produits partenaires de SOLIDWORKS proposent des outils spécialisés qui vous aident à commercialiser, plus rapidement et à moindre coût, des produits de haute qualité et innovants.

Partenaires SOLIDWORKS

Plus de 400 partenaires solutions dans le monde vous offrent un accès direct à un large éventail de produits, services et outils qui vous aideront à augmenter les performances et l'efficacité de vos solutions SOLIDWORKS®.



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SplitWorks is an environment to help the classification of core/cavity/side core and sub-inserts using face decomposition in a dedicated color coded Feature Tree with modification tools and specialized menus for the creation of inserts, side cores and sub-inserts placed in an assembly.


ElectrodeWorks designs electrodes with just a few mouse clicks. One dialogue creates both simple and complex shapes including face extrusion and Boolean extraction, automatic geometry selection, sizing and hole filling when needed. Automatic EDM and manufacturing drawings and output to EDM machines.

ExactFlat Pro

ExactFlat extends the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS to automate the design and development of products covered in fabrics and made from composites to increase productivity and profitability.


With FormatWorks, you can import data, validate translations, verify model quality, and publish MBD data directly from within SOLIDWORKS.


Focus on design, automate the rest. CUSTOMTOOLS offers a suite of time saving tools that will help you to be more productive and bring consistency to your design team in a flexible way. CUSTOMTOOLS optimizes the way that you manage your SOLIDWORKS data, making them more reliable and usable.


myCADtools is a software suite consisting of more than 50 utilities fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS. myCADtools helps users in their design work, organization, projects management and exchanges within their business or with their partners.