2. Produits partenaires

Produits partenaires

Les produits partenaires de SOLIDWORKS proposent des outils spécialisés qui vous aident à commercialiser, plus rapidement et à moindre coût, des produits de haute qualité et innovants.

Partenaires SOLIDWORKS

Plus de 400 partenaires solutions dans le monde vous offrent un accès direct à un large éventail de produits, services et outils qui vous aideront à augmenter les performances et l'efficacité de vos solutions SOLIDWORKS®.



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OPTICAM is a fully integrated solution for the programming of wire EDM machines inside SOLIDWORKS. Because of the automatic Feature-Recognition and the assignment of integrated machining technologies and strategies, OPTICAM offers a high automation level and reduces programming time significantly.


hyperMILL is a high-performance CAM solution. All strategies for 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis milling, mill turning and machining operations such as HSC and HPC are available under a single interface. Special applications and highly efficient automation solutions complete the range of functions.


Logopress3 die design software automates many aspects of die design, from unbending and flattening - even "dirty" parts, to strip layout, tool design and drawings. The included Logopress3 die simulation even allows the die to be simulated and interference checked as if it was operating in the press.

123GO by Logopress

123GO by Logopress3 is the fastest and easiest way to insert fasteners and their related holes and mates automatically. It is a user-friendly and smart library that includes screws, nuts, washers, and pins. A small part of the advanced library of Logopress3 Die Design, it is very user-friendly.


CETOL 6s for SOLIDWORKS is a Certified Gold Product. It is a fully-integrated 3D tolerance analysis solution that enables designers and engineers to understand the impact of part and assembly variation on the fit and performance of their products.


HFWorks is an electromagnetic software package. It handles frequencies from hundreds of MHz to 150 GHz and computes scattering parameters, antenna gain, radiation pattern, etc.

Partenaires existants et potentiels

En tant que partenaire de solution SOLIDWORKS, vous avez accès aux ressources techniques qui vous aident à optimiser le matériel, les logiciels ou les services de votre entreprise au moyen des solutions SOLIDWORKS.