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Complete Design Freedom is Here. Take your business to the next level with a new browser-based, 3D design and lifecycle management solution.

What is the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer?

Get ready for the next generation of design tools, developed by the same team that brought you SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD. The SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer combines proven design and collaboration tools that allow you and your stakeholders to work together from anywhere, on any device, using a web browser. Say goodbye to costly IT overhead and invest in tools that scale with you as your company grows.

The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer includes:

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Rapidly Reducing Development Time for New Robots

See how the NASKA team met their industrial design, mechanical design, and life cycle data management needs using 3D Sculptor and 3D Creator

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xWorks: Superpowered Browser-Based Design Tools Brought to Life

Dive into a living comic book and dynamic technical videos to see how SOLIDWORKS browser-based design tools can enhance your product development cycle.

Featured Clients Designing in the Cloud

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New Features and Enhancements are Released Each Quarter

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