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Subscription Services FAQ

What is SolidWorks Subscription Services?

SolidWorks Subscription Services give your organization access to valuable software releases, service packs, and value added resources provided by DS SolidWorks Corp., as well as a variety of technical resources supplied by a global network of SolidWorks authorized value-added resellers (VARs). Subscription Services enable you to participate more actively as a member of the global community of SolidWorks users.

What is included in Subscription Services?

* Available to download for every SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium license on active Subscription 
** Available to download for every SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium license on active Subscription

Why should I purchase Subscription Services?

Enrolling in Subscription Services helps you get the most out of your SolidWorks software because access to the latest product releases and expert technical support saves you time and money.  Improved software performance, innovative new product features, live technical support and 24 hour electronic technical support helps keep you focused on what matters most designing great products.

How do I purchase Subscription Services?

The easiest way to order SolidWorks Subscription Services is to contact your local VAR. If you are unsure who your VAR is, please contact SOLIDWORKS and we will assist you.

How do I receive new releases and service packs?

Software releases are mailed directly to you or you can download them. Service Packs are also available online for download via the SolidWorks Customer Portal.

What languages are supported?

SolidWorks Software is available in thirteen languages. Live technical support is provided by your local VAR which helps insure you receive support in your region’s local language.

What is included in technical support?

Technical support comes in two forms:

  • Live support includes live technical support from your local SolidWorks value-added reseller (VAR) who has been trained and certified by SolidWorks to help you trouble shoot an array of technical issues.
  • Electronic support includes an abundance of resources all accessible online through the SolidWorks Customer Portal.  Electronic support includes access to the Knowledge Base, tech tips, help files, tech alerts, web casts, SR reporting and tracking, enhancement requests, and much more.

How do I access technical support?

The quickest way to access technical support is to either access the Customer Portal or call your VAR.  It’s that simple.

What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is a web-based hub for SolidWorks resources including:

  • The latest versions of SolidWorks software and service pack updates
  • A Knowledge Base and wide range of technical documents, such as Help, Tech Tips, Macros, and Best Practices
  • Ability to make enhancement requests
  • View your service requests
  • View your SPR's
  • Edit your customer profile
  • Participate in a moderated discussion forum

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We look forward to working with you to keep you ahead of the latest trends in your field, and providing all the support necessary to ensure you get everything you need to maximize your SOLIDWORKS investment.