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  3. Download First Kit of Parts for FRC and FTC

Download and Use

The downloadable parts and files are intended for teams using SOLIDWORKS® Desktop for their projects.

3DEXPERIENCE KoP can found on the Wiki on the Student Community.

FIRST Tech Challenge

3D model of part, Starter Kit Macanum Assembly

Starter Kit Macanum Assembly 3DXML

Starter Kit Macanum Assembly SOLIDWORKS files.

Download file (185MB)


3D model of part, Assembly

FTC 2023 Field

3D models of 2023 field parts and assemblies.

Download file (40.7MB)


3D model of part, Mecanum Assembly

REV Robotics Assembly 3DXML File

Robot Drivetrain 3DXML File and Channel Drivetrain Guide.

Download file (185MB)


3D model of part, HiTechnic DC Motor Controller for TETRIX

FTC Electric Library

FTC Controller CAD, Matrix Electrical Components CAD, Tatrix Electrical Components CAD, andLego Mindstorm Electrical Components CAD.

Download file (35.7MB)


3D model of part, 4in Omni Wheel

Tetrix Parts

Tetrix Components SOLIDWORKS files and Tools SOLIDWORKS files.

Download file (21.3MB)


3D model of part, motor

Matrix Parts

Matrix Base Set, FTC Competition set 2015- 2017, and Building, Connecting, Control and moving parts.

Download file (27.1MB)


3D model of robot, FTC sample robot

FTC Sample Robot

FTC Robot Assembly and FTC Robot Parts.

Download file (145MB)


Note: Models from FTC Electric Library, Tetrix Parts, Matrix Parts, FTC Sample Robot are courtesy of Bas Kooman, CADMES, Netherlands. Model data has been modified for instructional use. Models are for educational use only. Used with permission.