2. InFocus

Solving Complex Challenges with Analysis-driven Engineering

InFocus Energy Services makes innovation its business with SIMULIAworks

Design Through Analysis

InFocus Energy Services specializes in the development of solution-driven downhole products for the oil and gas industry. InFocus prides itself on creating innovative new products, constantly pushing limits, and succeeding where others fail. This cutting-edge mindset pushes InFocus to find the best technology to aid in bringing its products to customers in record time.

Watch this video, and continue reading below to learn how InFocus uses SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIAworks to design, optimize, manufacture, and deliver custom drilling tools in a matter of weeks. 

Reducing Time and Costs

The InFocus Energy Services team explains how advanced simulation with SIMULIAworks has given them the tools to deliver new drilling products to customers in record time while dramatically cutting down the both the amount of and cost of manufacturing.

Complete Validation Solution

Peter Kjellbotn, Mechanical Engineer and Simulation Specialist at InFocus Energy Services explains how his team used SIMULIAworks to validate a drive system design capable of transmitting 30,000 foot-pounds of torque through an articulating drive.

Developing Faster with Structural Professional Engineer

Developing Faster with Structural Professional Engineer

Read the customer story and learn how InFocus Energy Services added SIMULIAworks to their SOLIDWORKS implementation to conduct nonlinear structural and complex contact analyses in the cloud to advance and accelerate new product development, save tens of thousands of dollars in testing costs, and cut months of time and extra labor.

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Assess structural integrity of products with powerful finite element-based simulation techniques to guide design decisions.