2. Creation in Motion

Creation in Motion | A Concept to Consumer Tour

Join us as we breakdown the entire lifecycle of a unique project—showcasing all the ways SOLIDWORKS helped bring it to life quickly and efficiently—offering key insights into how the SOLIDWORKS Design to Manufacturing solution can do the same for you.

SOLIDWORKS & URB-E: A Perfectly Designed Collaboration

URBAN626 is an upstart tech company out of Pasadena, CA, poised to revamp the modern urban commute with the URB-E. As the world’s most compact, foldable electric vehicle, URB-E is a light, fully portable and is fixing the “last mile problem” for many urban commuters. (When most of your commute is covered by public transportation, but the pick-up or drop off location is just a bit too far away.) Brought to market in just six months, URB-E is a true “concept to consumer” success story, and SOLIDWORKS was there every step of the way, offering streamlined workflows that kept the project humming.

“As an innovation company, the creative process is really important to us. Having tools like SOLIDWORKS that support that process so well is equally important.”

Sven Etzelsberger, co-founder and CTO of URBAN626

Ready to learn how SOLIDWORKS can do the same for you?

New Cities Just Added

Creation in Motion events are free, and include a complimentary lunch. Space is limited, and crowds are anticipated, so pre-registration is strongly suggested.

4/2 - Devens, MA at Spring Hill Suites
4/4 - Toronto, Ontario CAN at Woodbine Racetrack

Did we miss your city? Don’t worry, more tour locations are in the works. Or you can register for our Virtual Tour in the form below.

Meet the Creation in Motion Speakers

These are the traveling SOLIDWORKS experts who are ready to help you boost your teams’ efficiency and productivity so your designs hit market faster, better, and with more impact.

SASI the Hero Analyst

SASI / Hero Analyst

FEA, CFD, plastics analysis; No challenge Sasi can't (...and won't) address with his extensive knowledge and “I told you so” approach in Simulation.

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JORDAN the CAD Know It All

JORDAN / CAD Know It All

Never satisfied with a status quo design, Jordan's always using pro tips and workflows to push designs to the next level ...and push his co-designers over the edge.

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TODD the Veteran Designer

TODD / Veteran Designer

A seasoned engineer well versed in design principles and has already “been there done that”. Self appointed mentor to the rest of the team, even though they might not agree.

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BRIAN the Productive Project Manager

BRIAN / Productive Project Manager

A stickler for details, Brian never stops talking about how organized he is and constantly is showing off Gantt charts and excel sheets.  No work is ever really accomplished.

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MIKE the Technical Creative

MIKE / Technical Creative

From technical publications and product renderings to evolving the online marketplace, Mike is always finding ways to improve the customer experience, even if his team thinks he is on YouTube all day.

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Creation in Motion is Perfect for You. Here’s Why:

Creation in Motion is the ideal demo for Engineering Managers, designed specifically to maximize your time investment. Whether you’re looking for insight into how to increase your designers’ productivity, want to discuss your specific challenges with the SOLIDWORKS technical team, or want a better understanding of how the right design and manufacturing software can help you better meet the needs of your customers, Creation in Motion is perfect for you.

Come learn how SOLIDWORKS can:

  • Drive rapid product development and innovation in your organization
  • Help your products stand out in crowded markets
  • Streamline your workflows for greater efficiencies and cost-saving

Creation in Motion provides the rare opportunity to have a world-class design team walk you through an entire project, from concept to consumer, up-close, and in-person. In just a few hours you’ll explore the full depth, breadth, and power of the SOLIDWORKS product portfolio, learn valuable insight from SOLIDWORKS experts, and network with key industry leaders in your hometown. 

If you’re ready to create amazing products, in less time, you’re ready for Creation in Motion.