2. Engineering Excellence in Industrial Equipment

Engineering Excellence in Industrial Equipment

Learn why leading Industrial Equipment companies rely on SOLIDWORKS integrated design solutions to bring innovative products to market

Innovation Begins with Integrated Solutions

Today’s challenging industrial equipment (IE) design environment requires manufacturers to streamline processes. Upgrading from methods that rely on non-integrated, point solutions to concurrent, fully-integrated 3D design and manufacturing increases quality and adds to your bottom line.

Watch the video to learn how IE companies succeed by using integrated CAD, simulation, management, ECAD, and manufacturing tools from SOLIDWORKS®.

Machitech: Manufacturing Custom Cutters with Integrated Tools

Learn how Machitech, an industrial CNC plasma machine manufacturer with an exclusive focus on customer satisfaction, builds large-scale custom products to order.

“You need 3D software to really assemble your machine and see all the interference, do motion analysis, stress analysis. We can quickly test different concept and see if it works, if it’s possible, if it’s better. We absolutely need to use SOLIDWORKS in our process.”
 – Jean Francois Giguere, Engineering Manager, Machitech

InFocus: Innovation through Analysis with Advanced Simulation Tools

Learn how InFocus uses advanced simulation to design, optimize, manufacture, and deliver custom drilling tools in a matter of weeks.

“We saved tens of thousands of dollars and months of time and extra labor costs by using 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation. It helped us condense a process that would usually take months into just a few weeks.”
 – Peter Kjellbotn, Mechanical Engineer/Simulation Specialist, InFocus

AV&R: Growing Business with Integrated Data Management

Learn how this robotics leader uses integrated data management solutions to align multi-disciplinary teams and bring best-in-class products to market.

“When you have a complex machine with so much different technology, you need mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, robotic engineers. It’s very important to work with teams and SOLIDWORKS helps that by providing easy integration.”
 – Maxime Ducharme, Engineering Director, AV&R

Meltech: Leading the Market in Melting Furnace Technology and Manufacturing

Learn how Meltech designs and manufactures custom furnaces in record time with integrated CAD and ECAD solutions.

“I don’t think we could make these machines without SOLIDWORKS. I can’t imagine how many hours it would take without it.”
 – Neil Moore, Managing Director, Meltech

SEA-LECT: Creating Unique Plastic Parts Using DELMIAworks and SOLIDWORKS

Connected design and manufacturing tools from SOLIDWORKS and DELMIAworks help SEA-LECT Plastics bring customer ideas to life while increasing productivity, profit margins, and on-time delivery.

“I need a lot of information from this CAD file. Part volume for instance or critical dimensions. That data helps me with my information from Delmiaworks where I get all my information from the quoting module to then combine the numbers and get to my customer with a precise quote very quickly.”
 – Matt Poischbeg, VP & General Manager, SEA-LECT Plastics

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS: Connect Your Design Data for Access Anywhere

Enabling remote access to design data is a must for every business, especially today. Now, you can connect your SOLIDWORKS data to the cloud and securely access it, along with additional design, simulation, manufacturing, and management tools, from anywhere with a browser. Read the article and get the facts on getting your SOLIDWORKS data connected today.

ABCO: Winning the Bid with SOLIDWORKS

Join our SOLIDWORKS technical team on a video journey from design proposal to project completion. See how to optimize industrial equipment design, validation, fabrication, and delivery using the SOLIDWORKS portfolio of solutions.


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