2. Future by Design

From day one, people have been at the center of SOLIDWORKS.

It began with a team laser-focused on democratizing CAD for every engineer. Over the last three decades, our users have played a critical role in the continuation of this mission. From the longtime employees to the people who design and innovate in SOLIDWORKS® every day, this is your story.

To Boldly Go...

Back in the 90s, SOLIDWORKS started a revolution in CAD. Faced with an uphill battle against established competitors and high-end technology, a dedicated team worked relentlessly to bring the power of CAD to every engineer. Hear long-time SOLIDWORKS employees, who were on the front lines during these early years, discuss the challenges, triumphs, and perseverance that fueled this revolution and continue to drive their passion for bringing our users powerful, intuitive tools that will drive the next evolution in product development.

Powering the Possible

To create a great product, you need great users. Since day one, the SOLIDWORKS user community has been the biggest influencer in our efforts to put CAD on every engineer’s desktop. From driving user experience and pushing the envelope on new workflows, SOLIDWORKS user feedback drives product definition and development to create better, faster, quicker, and more accessible tools. Ultimately, innovative products created by the community provides the emotional paycheck and the drive for SOLIDWORKS to power the possible.

We Made This

Users make SOLIDWORKS unique. Since the beginning, users have been the driving force behind enhancements, created nearly every kind of product imaginable and built personal connections based on a shared interest in engineering and design. From founding the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network and growing the global Champions program to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and makers, our users are at the heart of everything we do – today, tomorrow, and forever. In this episode, hear users share their own stories from the worlds of racing, furniture, motorcycles, and industrial equipment. Simply put, without passionate users SOLIDWORKS would just be another computer program. These are four of your stories. 

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

Explore the future of design and product development, from artificial intelligence and machine learning, to technology that will empower designers and engineers to eliminate mundane tasks and focus on exploring their passions. The coming decades will provide unique challenges, but also great opportunities for SOLIDWORKS users to leave their mark. Learn about the technologies that will help you shape a future by design.

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