2. Designers and Engineers Succeed with Simulation

GE Healthcare: Every SOLIDWORKS User Must Have Simulation

GE Healthcare uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation to make every design decision. With design and simulation integrated in one tool, its engineers complete product design cycles faster.

“Every SOLIDWORKS user must have Simulation access.”
– Dhanachezhian Duraikannu, GE Healthcare

OMAX Corporation: Simulation Helps Everyone Become a Better Designer

OMAX Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of abrasive water jet machinery, uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools while designing its world-class products. Learn how OMAX benefits from using analysis tools during every step of the design process.

We don’t want to get any surprises and simulation helps us ensure that we don’t.
– Eric Beatty, OMAX Corporation

Tenaris: Every New Project Must Include Simulation

Tenaris is a global manufacturer of pipes for the energy industry. Its engineers use integrated simulation technology from SOLIDWORKS to validate its designs and reduce time to market. Hear why Tenaris uses analysis tools on every engineering project.

Everything happens inside SOLIDWORKS. You don’t need to create something and move it into a different tool. You have everything inside. I think that’s the main feature that makes SOLIDWORKS Simulation easier for the user.
– Marcos Sobral, Tenaris 

Electric Power Systems: Work Faster, More Confidently with Simulation

Learn how engineers at Electric Power Systems use integrated simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS to make informed design decisions, reduce design iterations, and bring high quality products to market faster and cheaper.

That’s where simulation really is powerful because you can simulate it virtually, it’s a lot cheaper, a lot faster and you build more confidence within your team.
– Joseph James, Electric Power Systems

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