2. The Best Consumer Products Begin with Simulation
3DEXPERIENCE® Works and SOLIDWORKS® Simulation

Simulate to Innovate

Consumer product manufacturers must continuously refine their products to improve performance and cut down on parts and manufacturing costs. By modeling every part and component in 3D, they can simulate how new designs will operate in the field, gauge strain, identify manufacturing constraints, and come up with the best possible structural design.

Leading manufacturers take innovation to the next level by incorporating powerful, CAD-associative simulation solutions, such as, 3DEXPERIENCE® Works and SOLIDWORKS® Simulation, into their product development process for rapid trade-off studies. Explore this page to learn how advanced, cloud-enabled capabilities, featuring industry-leading Abaqus technology, enable you to solve even the most complex problems.

CamelBak: Hydration Meets Innovation

Learn how CamelBak makes innovative decisions in hydration using SOLIDWORKS and finite element analysis (FEA) to conceptualize, design, and validate new products that stand up to a lifetime guarantee.

Multiphysics Simulation-Driven Design: Concept to Manufacturing with 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Learn how simulation-driven design enhanced an eBike’s performance in terms of strength, durability, manufacturability, thermal and electro-magnetic efficiency.

Simulation-Driven Product Development Delivers High-Quality, More Competitive Products

Learn how powerful, CAD-associative simulation tools enable consumer product manufacturers to transform insights into new approaches and breakthrough products in less time at less cost. Ultimately, simulation can provide the boost needed to overcome competitive market segmentation and specialization market pressures and deliver products that exceed customer expectations.

Simulation-Driven Product Development

Advanced and Realistic Analysis for SOLIDWORKS Users

Make better design decisions with cloud-enabled, high-performance computing power and industry-leading technology from SIMULIA for structural, durability, fluid, plastics and electromagnetics simulation.

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