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A New Approach to Achieving Sustainable Business Growth

Successfully commercializing products and maximizing business upsides require the agility to adapt to changing market and economic conditions. Cloud-based technology helps organizations be more agile in many ways:

  • Identifying opportunities and delivering new customer value
  • Empowering and retaining talent
  • Improving decision-making with real-time insight
  • Creating new profit models

Executives on Future-Proofing Your Organization

What do virtual twins and business sustainability have in common? Can cloud-based technology help attract and retain talent? Executive VP of 3DEXPERIENCE Works, Gian Paolo Bassi, and Global Technology Evangelist, Lynn Allen, discuss the agility and resiliency companies need today to imagine a better future and stay ahead of the competition. Learn why business leaders across the globe find tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio invaluable for future-proofing their organizations.

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CEOs Share How They’re Accelerating Growth With 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Maximizing current and future performance is a top priority for CEOs. Being competitive today, requires more than incremental improvements. CEOs and Senior Leaders need to evolve the way businesses are run to find new, more sustainable ways of managing a business and bringing products to market.

Customer Story: Dexai Robotics

Dexai Robotics is revolutionizing the food industry through the development of Alfred, a robotic sous-chef that helps restaurants and commercial kitchens boost productivity.

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