2. The World is Nonlinear

The World is Nonlinear

Computational analysis is the secret behind building must-have consumer electronics

Consumer electronics designs are shrinking, but the requirements for manufacturing these must-have tech products continue to grow in complexity. For example, integrating Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and smart components into increasingly smaller products opens a new set up challenges for electronics design. The best way to conquer these challenges? Arming your design team with powerful computational analysis tools.

As in reality, there is never truly a linear solution to solving advanced electronics simulation problems. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the best method to ensure your complex products work as intended and make it to consumers on schedule.

This three-part video series evaluates a conceptual design for an internal bracket used to stabilize a portable projector lens. The project uses nonlinear analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium and Structural Professional Engineer to validate both feasibility and usage.

Introduction to Non-Linear Analysis

  • Solve a three-point bending problem using nonlinear solver in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
  • Understand material properties, define boundary conditions and contact settings
  • Specify mesh settings to increase speed and likelihood of convergence

Structural Professional Engineer One-Click Connect

  • Connect SOLIDWORKS Simulation to Structural Professional Engineer in one click
  • Access the power of the Abaqus solver on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • Import full simulation setup including boundary conditions, material properties, and loads

3 Point Bending Test Using Structural Professional Engineer

  • Automation tools in Structural Professional Engineer eliminate the need for manually contacting pairs
  • Increased speed means more opportunities to explore design alternatives and multiple load cases
  • Take advantage of Abaqus, the world’s best nonlinear mechanical solver
  • Reach quick and accurate convergence thanks to advanced meshing, contact, and material capabilities
  • Offload simulation to a virtual machine via cloud computing
White Paper: Understanding Nonlinear Analysis

Understanding Nonlinear Analysis

  • Learn the differences between linear and nonlinear analysis
  • Determine the optimal times to use linear vs. nonlinear analysis
  • Review nonlinear analysis examples from everyday design practice
  • Understand how nonlinear analysis helps you avoid overdesign and build better products

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