Adding Advanced Plastics and CFD Virtual Testing Capabilities to Your Design Workflow

Having the ability to optimize plastic parts during the design phase and know parts are fit for manufacture not only saves frustration, but also keeps you from wasting resources on costly injection molding mistakes. In cases where you need to determine the real-world impact of liquid or gas flow on your product, CFD provides information to help ensure your design will perform as intended and not go up in flames.

Download the eBook to learn how you can use virtual prototyping in SOLIDWORKS® Plastics and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to take a concurrent engineering approach to plastic part design and use CFD insights to make smart engineering decisions that optimize your products.

Read customer success stories and understand features how:

  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics can be used to optimize wall thickness, gate locations, and runner system size and layout, to ensure the mold works right the first time.
  • The ability to predict how the plastic will react to the mold injection process helps ensure potential issues are addressed at the earliest stage of product development.
  • Powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics tools in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enable you to quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to design success.
  • Automated Boundary Cartesian Meshing, as well as Turbulence Models and Boundary Layers, will streamline your workflow.
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enables you to optimize HVAC and electronics cooling challenges