Better Communication through Better Visuals

In order for a great idea to become a great product, it first needs to be understood. SOLIDWORKS® Professional’s advanced imaging and animation capabilities make it possible to vividly bring ideas to life, helping customers and collaborators to quickly understand complex concepts so that your great ideas get the traction and buy in they need to move forward.

SOLIDWORKS Professional’s advanced imaging and animation capabilities help enhance communication and accelerate development by allowing you to:

  • Share lifelike product images even before you prototype
  • Fully animate parts, models, appearances, cameras and environments for ultrarealistic demonstrations
  • Generate interactive web content, including interactive images and panoramic presentations
  • Create immersive virtual reality experiences to dive directly into your CAD data, changing how you design, develop and deliver your products
  • Demonstrate inner design complexity with animated cut planes (section views)
  • Present and compare varying design solutions side by side

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