Bridging the Gap Between Plastic Part Design and Manufacturing

Plastic Injection mold tools are costly, and they take time to manufacture. Even a small design change late in the product development process could turn tens of thousands of dollars' worth of molds into doorstops and boat anchors. Join our panel of experts, from plastic injecting molding industry, as they discuss plastic part design and manufacturing best practices and share ideas on how to avoid costly errors and rework.

This 90-minute recorded Town Hall will on focus on:

  • Plastic Materials Selection & Preparation
  • Molded Part Defects & How to Avoid Them
  • Establishing a Scientific Molding Process
  • Financial Impact of Utilizing Injection Molding Software

During the webinar, panelists share their knowledge and experience from the design and business sides of the plastics industry.

Town Hall panelists include:
Andy Routsis | With more than 30 years of experience in plastics training and consulting, Andy, joined by the SOIDWORKS® technical team, will teach you how to address plastic part design challenges from both business and engineering perspectives.

Jesse Matola | Jesse is a plastics professional with 13 years of industry experience covering processing, part design, and product development in the injection molding industry. He is a graduate of Penn State's plastics program and spent a majority of his career working on large plastic products for the cleaning and back-of-house markets.

Rick Riesterer | Rick is a seasoned manufacturing business professional. At PCI Rick works with sales, marketing account managers, and engineering staff to manage up-front analysis, product development, new business, sales, and customer relationships. During his time leading business development at PCI, business has grown from $7.5 Million to $33.5 Million.

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