Build a Better Bottom Line with SOLIDWORKS Professional

A great product isn’t just assessed by how it looks and works. Greatness also depends on how it’s made—and to succeed, today’s products need to be made efficiently, cost-effectively and profitably. SOLIDWORKS® Professional enables designers to quickly develop the best designs possible—and to help businesses enhance their design-to-manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

Here’s just a snapshot of what SOLIDWORKS Professional can do for you:

  • Quickly develop designs optimized for functionality, durability and performance
  • Instantly assess the impact of design changes with integrated dynamic costing and quoting capabilities
  • Continually validate designs for manufacturability with DFMExpress, including drilled hole checks, milled and turned feature checks, sheet metal checks and injection molding checks
  • Leverage DesignChecker to continually assess and validate designs in relation to project standards
  • Eliminate gaps between design and manufacturing with CAM Standard to unify the design and manufacturing processes within a single integrated platform

READ THE ARTICLE to see how SOLIDWORKS Professional can accelerate and optimize your design-to-manufacturing process.