Can Your Business Switch CAD Platforms?

Computer-aided design is dominated by a handful of major industry software houses, and most engineers around the world today are trained to use one or more of the major packages. The brand and version of design software packages used by engineering firms are determined by several factors: capability, cost, pre-existing familiarity with that vendor’s systems, available training resources and significantly, confidence built out of a history of using a specific product.

But what happens when a competitor develops a package which offers clear benefits over a company’s existing tech? Switching platforms used to be unthinkable, but that’s not the case today. Should you switch? How would you switch?

Jim Anderton spoke with a 3D engineering veteran Brad Williamson, Expert Industry Process Consultant with Dassault Systèmes about this important issue.

This is an episode of "Designing the Future" from, sponsored by Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS.