Cloud-based Tools Can Make Design Collaboration Less Sticky

Modern product development is highly collaborative with key design decisions often made by technical and nontechnical cross-disciplinary teams.  Despite the recognized need to collaborate, a range of challenges exist that cause friction in design collaboration. Fortunately, there are new cloud-based solutions that address these challenges.

Lifecycle Insights’ new report “Eliminate Friction in Design” explains how engineering is at the hub of collaboration for product development.  According to the report, providing engineers with the right tools to collaborate effectively is critical. Read the full report to learn about:

  • Trends driving engineering to act as the hub of collaboration
  • Sources of friction in traditional collaboration processes
  • New tools to reduce the friction in collaboration
  • Roundup of key capabilities that organizations should consider when assessing new tools

DOWNLOAD REPORT to learn how modern CAD tools put your engineers at the hub of collaboration in product development.