Design Analysis: Can Your TV Survive a Direct Hit from a Rage-propelled Remote?

We’ve all been there before: you’re watching a sporting event, playing a video game, or viewing a series finale. Suddenly, events turn for the worse: your team loses a heartbreaker, the game glitches, or your favorite character meets an unceremonious demise.

Anger takes over and before you realize what’s happening your controller or remote is hurdling through your living room heading straight for your expensive television. Time freezes just long enough for you to see a SOLIDWORKS® Simulation analysis of what will happen next.

During this demo, you’ll see a controller slam into a TV, but more importantly you will learn how analysis tools can be used to:

  • Custom material properties
  • Problem idealization and set up
  • Results evaluation and interpretation

WATCH THE VIDEO and see what happens when gamer rage goes up against the 4K TV.