Design Plastic Parts with Confidence

Knowing your plastic part design will be used to create a mold that can cost millions makes for a tricky and stressful process. However, mold-injection simulation enables you to reduce this stress by helping catch potential flaws early in the design stage, which can save thousands once you start cutting steel.

During this presentation, plastics design expert Jeff Osman will explain how mold-injection simulation software can be used to identify design issues early in your process and, as a result, save you from aggravating rework and costly errors.

Here are a few items Jeff will cover to provide insight on mold design and mold making with SOLIDWORKS® Plastics:

  • Fill analysis
  • Air vents
  • Warping
  • Sync mark analysis
  • Velocity vectors
  • Clamp tonnage
  • Weld Lines
  • Gate locations
  • Cooling
  • Volumetric shrinkage
  • Pressures

WATCH THE WEBINAR NOW and gain the insight to know your designs are fit for manufacture.