Digital Continuity Keeps People and Processes on Track

The speed and agility with which companies develop new products has a clear impact on their competitiveness and profitability. Miss a product launch date—which research from Tech-Clarity indicates happens 45% of the time—and your window of market opportunity might be shut. That translates to less profits and possibly even lost customers. The reality that time-to-market demands have increased for two-thirds of manufacturers only compounds the problem.

How can manufacturers meet these challenges? A recent research-based eBook, “How to Stop Missing Product Development Due Dates” from Tech-Clarity outlines the best practices of top-performing companies and explains how all companies can adopt the tools and the processes necessary to get new products to market faster.

DOWNLOAD the eBook to learn:

  • If you should prioritize individual productivity or process efficiency
  • Best practices of “top performers” in new product development (NPD) 
  • The importance of a digital thread throughout all phases of product development
  • How poor collaboration results in significant time-to-market delays

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK to learn how digital continuity can help drive better individual productivity and improve overall product development efficiencies so you can hit product development due dates every time.