Don't Get Burned from Heat Transfer Analysis

Finding effective solutions to heat transfer problems has become an increasingly important part of new product development. Almost everything experiences heating or cooling of some kind, and for many products, such as modern electronics, medical devices, and HVAC systems, managing heat is a critical requirement for avoiding overheating and achieving functional success. Read the white paper to learn how mechanical design engineers are using SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation and concurrent CFD to:

  • Make critical design decisions with confidence and accurately evaluate how their designs will perform in the real world.
  • Manage heat generated by electronic components by transporting it away from sensitive areas or by using fluid flows to cool critical components.
  • Optimize HVAC systems by cost-effectively simulating how airflow will behave for any type of building, factory, or structure, whether the application is for heating, cooling, or ventilation.
  • Reduce development time, lower product costs, and produce fewer physical prototypes.