Driving Mechatronics Design Requirements from SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

See how you can drive mechatronics design requirements from SOLIDWORKS® 3D like never before. Learn how your electronics designers and mechanical engineers can collaborate seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS

Learn how SOLIDWORKS ECAD-MCAD collaboration technology enables a unique mechanical-driven workflow and design methodology that allows SOLIDWORKS CAD users to programmatically drive design intent to their electronics designer counterparts. Design elements, such as board outlines, mounting holes, and placement restrictions, can be passed seamlessly and intelligently from SOLIDWORKS CAD to SOLIDWORKS PCB or Altium® Designer

In just 22 minutes, see how SOLIDWORKS ECAD-MCAD Collaboration technology can:

  • Initiate PCB projects in SOLIDWORKS CAD.
  • Create board outlines quickly and directly from a mechanical enclosure geometry.
  • Define PCB component placement intent based on mechanical requirements.
  • Control ECO changes for outlines, holes, and placement from SOLIDWORKS CAD.
  • Significantly reduce time and effort for ECAD-MCAD data exchanges