Electric Bike design with MODSIM approach on 3DEXPERIENCE Works

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio brings together all aspects of product development, with tight integration between modeling and simulation

With the E‐Bike example shown in this webinar, you will gain insights on the MODSIM approach for efficient end−to−end development of hardware/physical products in a cloud−based environment.

Key topics covered include:

  • Requirements management
  • Collaboration between manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers
  • Project planning
  • Design starting from SOLIDWORKS Desktop and physics based simulation for design exploration

This exciting on-demand webinar highlights simulation based virtual prototyping scenarios for structural integrity, durability, electromagnetic performance, thermal performance, plastic injection molding, and overall product readiness for compliance

Who should watch this on-demand webinar? Product Designers, Engineering Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Thermal Engineers, Plastic Part Designers, Electromagnetic Engineers, Electrification enthusiasts, SOLIDWORKS Desktop Users