The Fastest Route from Concept to Manufacture with SOLIDWORKS

Go from concept design to manufactured parts faster than ever before by enabling design and manufacturing teams to work concurrently without having to export and import data from one system to another.  Thousands of companies have been taking advantage of this the SOLIDWORKS® manufacturing ecosystem for years helping many to become leaders in their markets.  Now see these capabilities directly inside SOLIDWORKS.

In just 22 minutes, you'll learn how to simplify and speed up design through manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS:

  • Truly integrate design and manufacturing and promote seamlessly integrated, concurrent product development
  • Completely eliminate the need to import and export data between systems
  • Work with 2D drawings, or eliminate the need for 2D drawings entirely by detailing designs in 3D with SOLIDWORKS MBD
  • Create your CNC tool paths directly in SOLIDWORKS with SOLIDWORKS CAM
  • Automate creation of inspection documentation, with SOLIDWORKS Inspection