FEA Misconceptions Cost Manufacturers

From the beginning, finite element analysis (FEA) packages were complex, tedious, and unintuitive. Today, FEA has become more integrated and easier to use; however, old opinions die hard.

Many companies continue to believe FEA is too difficult to use, requires a PhD, and slows product development. These misconceptions come at the cost of increased innovation, agility, productivity, flexibility and profit margins that fuel and sustain business growth.

This article explains why you should toss aside outdated FEA opinions and take advantage of integrated simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS and SIMULIA. Learn how modern simulation tools enable you to:

  • Introduce innovative, high-quality, issue-free products faster and at lower cost than the competition.
  • Validate and iterate on design concepts in software—instead of through numerous rounds of physical prototypes.
  • Explore the viability of new production methods, such as additive manufacturing.
  • Use integrated tools to achieve time and cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Read the article to put FEA misconceptions to rest and learn how other companies, like Litens Automotive, saved millions on time and prototyping costs with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.