Gain a Competitive Advantage with PDM

Once viewed as valuable to only design and engineering groups, product design and related data have become the essential fuel to power product development efforts. Today all key stakeholders play a role in design collaboration. Having the right technology that enables product data to easily be found, secured, and shared is vitally important.

Read this eBook to learn how product data management (PDM) software can help to:

  • Improve competitiveness by sparking innovation
  • Increase product quality and automation
  • Protect valuable IP while enabling efficient collaboration
  • Minimize rework and scrap due to tight version control
  • Encourage product data reuse
  • Better manage supply chains by using product data for sourcing, procurement and inventory management

READ THE EBOOK to learn how SOLIDWORKS PDM software can provide manufacturers with the data agility, flexibility, and control that they need to gain a competitive advantage.