The How-To Guide for Designing and Molding Better Plastic Parts

Small errors in the plastics injection molding process can make or break your product’s success. Luckily, plastic part and mold designers can remove injection molding doubt through plastics simulation.

This report from Tech-Clarity surveyed plastic part and mold designers who currently implement injection molding simulation in their product development process. The result: designing and molding better plastic parts starts with virtual injection molding simulation. Key findings from respondents include:

  • 96 percent report finding manufacturing defects during trials
  • Correcting for manufacturing defects adds an average of 26 percent to the cost of the mold
  • 97 percent of those who use injection molding simulation find it a useful tool to help produce quality parts
  • Those who use injection mold simulation during design have a mold trial that is 37 percent shorter than those who do not.

Read the report and learn how injection molding simulation is the key to designing and molding better plastic parts.