How to Reduce Non-Value-Added Tasks for Engineers

Despite the breakneck pace of today’s product development activities, engineers remain burdened by a litany of non-value added tasks. According to recent research by Tech-Clarity these wasteful activities account for a staggering one-third of their time! Do not get discouraged—there is a better way.

Download this Tech-Clarity eBook, “How to Reduce Non-Value-Added Work in Engineering,” to learn how new tools and approaches to product development can keep your engineers laser-focused on what’s important: creating that next amazing new product.

Learn how you can:  

  • Streamline access to real-time data so stakeholders can “self-serve” and leave engineers alone
  • Improve processes and collaboration to minimize interruptions and delays
  • Centralize design information and support more efficient change management
  • Evaluate options to design components in the context of overall assemblies to better understand the impact of changes
  • Eliminate errors and improve quality as a result of better collaboration between stakeholders, while keeping IP safe

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK to find out how you can unburden your engineers from wasteful work so they can focus on creating groundbreaking new products.