Improve Quality, Efficiency and Reduce Costs with MBD

SOLIDWORKS® MBD is the first complete, integrated drawingless manufacturing solution, providing the time, cost, and quality benefits of 3D to production. While product developers and design engineers have embraced 3D design, 2D drawings have remained the primary means for communicating product manufacturing information (PMI).

Download the SOLIDWORKS MBD white paper to learn:

  • How MBD can save time, improve quality, reduce scrap/rework, while maintaining compliance with emerging industry standards.
  • The advantages of drawingless manufacturing, bringing products to market faster, reducing production costs, improving quality/accelerating engineering change orders, and complying with new standards.
  • About a business in Brazil that leveraged SOLIDWORKS to develop its own MBD approach, and accelerated time to market by 50 percent.
  • Benefits of the integration of SOLIDWORKS MBD and SOLIDWORKS CAD software, and ways to more efficiently communicate PMI data for production.