Leading the Market in E-Trucks and E-Truck Technology

TEVVA Case Study - SOLIDWORKS & TEVVA - Leading the Market in E-Trucks and E-Truck Technology. Tevva are a leading developer of modular electrification systems for medium duty commercial vehicles. Tevva’s technology exists to make electric trucks that are a direct swap without compromise from diesel to electric with the same route and the same payload. Tevva eTruck solutions represents the pinnacle of electrical engineering.

Tevva develop and engineer eTrucks and associated technologies to deliver clean air urban transport. With a team of 7 highly experienced SOLIDWORKS designers and engineers they have found SOLIDWORKS to be a very reliable and powerful tool to design their products.

Combined with SOLIDWORKS PDM, the team are able to collaborate and work seamlessly on a project at the same time. All components that are designed are virtually tested for stress analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation which also enables the team to test the weight of the assembled design to meet tight specifications that support the service technicians on the workshop floor who utilize eDrawings.

To create service manuals and instruction manuals in-house, Tevva use SOLIDWORKS Composer and to generate more interactive renders they use SOLIDWORKS Visualize for creating marketing materials that are also shared on social media.

Tevva find that the large benefit of using SOLIDWORKS is the reduction of the number of prototypes created in conjunction with using 3D printers directly through SOLIDWORKS to save time and money.

SOLIDWORKS has been central to Tevva’s design effort which has enabled them to be very efficient and react very fast to a dynamic industry.