Learn How to Put Simulation to Work for You in Seven Minutes

Not sure what you can do with SOLIDWORKS® Simulation? Take seven minutes and learn how you can reduce costs, examine “what-if” scenarios, build fewer prototypes, shorten design cycles, and reduce product failure and recalls. SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s designer-focused UI makes analysis easy to learn and use; meaning computational analysis is no longer reserved for specialists but can be applied by every designer to improve their products.

During this seven-minute video, you will learn about the modules available to you in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard including:

  • Static: design for strength with Linear Elastic Stress-Displacement analysis
  • Trend Tracker: analyze multiple iterations of a design in a single study
  • Fatigue: design for life and durability to understand the total life of your design
  • Time-based Motion: study the rigid kinematics of moving assemblies
  • Motion + Static: run stress analysis of parts during motion analysis

WATCH THE VIDEO and learn how Simulation can benefit your product development process in seven minutes.