Learn How to Untangle the Complexities of Your Data with SOLIDWORKS Manage

Today’s product development environments are being inundated by massive amounts of data. That data must not only be protected but also must be carefully managed so all design stakeholders can access the data they need—when they need it—in order to make relevant and informed decisions quickly. Not just product data, but data about critical processes and projects as well.

SOLIDWORKS® Manage builds upon the functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM and eliminates the need for separate disconnected tools and silos of data.

In just 22 minutes, see how SOLIDWORKS Manage can help you:

  • Plan each stage of projects, assign resources and tasks, and attach required documentation to the project
  • Gain instant access to critical business information through powerful dashboards
  • Automate critical processes to minimize errors and streamline approvals for NPI, ECO, CAR, NCR, PPAP and others
  • Leverage a centralized system to easily create, edit and compare Bills of Materials for various stages of the manufacturing process

Watch the webinar to learn how SOLIDWORKS Manage can help you unleash your product data from silos so you can make better informed decisions faster.