Leverage Simulation in the Design Process w/ SOLIDWORKS CAD & Simulation

Designer-driven simulation using SOLIDWORKS on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, or MODSIM, is a crucial tool for product development that unifies modeling and simulation into a single unified process. This approach enables designers and engineers to optimize the design and performance of their products with greater efficiency and accuracy.

During our on-demand webinar, we demonstrate how the MODSIM approach is used to efficiently design subsea structures like Manifolds, Frames, Metal To Metal Seal Clamps, Centrifugal Pumps, and so on by incorporating simulation into the design process.

In detail, we go over:

  • Design-driven simulation using SOLIDWORKS as CAD for subsea structures
  • Optimization of subsea components through parametric studies
  • Leveraging multiple physics simulations for design 

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