Personalized Care by Design

Emerging technologies in the form of 3D design, simulation, and additive manufacturing are having a positive effect on health care in the form of personalization. Innovative medical device organizations are using advanced design tools and the latest in rapid production technology to make personalized care a reality – and the same capabilities are already at your fingertips.

The Personalized Care by Design eBook will explore an array of new therapies, devices, and treatments with the power to transform the quality of care and improve the patient experience. These include:

  • Individualized Cancer Care – 3D design, simulation, and additive manufacturing technologies are changing the face of cancer care by optimizing treatment regiments for individual patients.
  • Accelerated Innovation – New 3D technologies facilitate efficient and effective collaboration, enabling the rapid development of new devices and treatments.
  • Shared Learning and Knowledge – Unified design, simulation, and analysis platforms foster closer working relationships between researchers, medical practitioners, patients, and device manufacturers, enabling development of a new generation of diagnostic and learning tools.
  • Engineering the Invisible – Advanced simulation technologies enable you to model chemical behaviors and outcomes at the atomistic level to develop new pharmaceutical therapies.