Personalized Care by Design: The Design Behind Personalized Cancer Treatments

No two patients are the same and neither are any two types of cancer. For optimal results, therapy should be matched to each patient and to their specific type of cancer. Design technologies, like 3D CAD, CAM, and 3D printing, are opening the door to this level of individualized care.

By taking advantage of 3D technologies, medical providers, such as .decimal and Okolohealth, are creating customized, less-invasive forms of treatment. Personalized treatments improve the chances for patient success and deliver the promise of higher quality of life for those affected.

By importing patients’ CT scans into CAD software, .decimal is able to develop fully customized devices tailored to individual patients, the specific area of their bodies to be treated, and the specific radiation type to be used.

Okolohealth uses brachytherapy to maximize the exposure of diseased tissue to radiation treatment while sparing healthy tissue. This treatment requires a high level of precision that is achieved by enabling physicians to practice treatments on custom models before the actual procedure.

Read the ebook to learn how medical device designers and care providers are leveraging 3D technologies to make personalized cancer treatments a reality.