Regain Control over Your Data and Facilitate Collaboration with PDM

Modern product development efforts rely on a common understanding of a product design amongst engineers and other key stakeholders. As a result, one of the key questions manufacturers must answer is how to provide access to design information and provide teams with a single source of truth, both in engineering and throughout the enterprise.

Download Lifecycle Insights’ “Harmonizing Development in Engineering and the Enterprise” eBook to learn how deploying product data management (PDM) systems can help you facilitate collaboration and regain control over engineering data to enable access by all key stakeholders throughout the enterprise.

DOWNLOAD the eBook to learn:  

  • How to assure your team is working with an accurate digital definition of the product
  • The shortcomings of using email, file drives, and FTP for sharing product data
  • The importance of downstream stakeholders accessing product data
  • How to accelerate processes with extended PDM capabilities

DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK to learn how you can adopt the technologies that will help you gain control over your engineering data and offer unambiguous access to data to the extended enterprise.