Simulation Brings Higher-Quality Products to Market

As companies struggle with competitively differentiating their products and beating competitors to market, quick decisions within engineering have become increasingly critical to product success. Decisions made during the design process have a profound impact on three important factors for product success: speed of development, cost, and quality. 

This report found that, compared to all others, Best-in-Class companies are:

  • 17% more likely to meet product launch targets
  • Seeing a 13% decrease in overall development time for new products
  • 10% more likely to meet product revenue targets
  • 4% more likely to meet product quality targets
  • Experiencing a 6x greater decrease in length of development cycle over the last two years

Download this report to learn how Best-in-Class companies have turned to simulation and virtual prototyping to accurately predict product behavior, decrease time to market, and arm engineers with the insight needed to develop and optimize today’s complex products.