SIMULIA Automated Tools: Managing Complex and Large Assembly Simulations

Check out our on-demand webinar to learn about the Powerful Automation Tools that help manage meshing and connections of large assemblies, and get them Simulation ready in a matter of minutes!  Whether you are a Designer, Engineer or an Analyst in charge of a simulation task, Meshing is always the basic preprocessing step. What if we could make that easy using Meshing Rules or Templates that provides guidance and rules on how to mesh a specific component(s) in an assembly.

We also explore various types of connections from simple to complex fasteners such as Ties, Bolts, Pins, Links, Beams and many more to mimic exact physics between connected components in large assemblies.

In this recording, we use water jet-cutting machine assembly to illustrate some of the key automation tools. We discuss these in the context of solving a structural and a vibration simulation study to capture Key Performance Metrics on the assembly!

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