SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Challenge

Witness a side-by-side challenge utilizing SOLIDWORKS Electrical versus a generic CAD tool to create the same motor circuits as well as generate the required documentation.

We'll take a look at how introducing SOLIDWORKS Electrical into your design workflow can help you to achieve major efficiency gains. We will discuss the benefits of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and how we compare to generic CAD tools for purpose of Electrical design.

Join us for this webinar if you are:

  • Tired of spending your day working in traditional generic CAD tools, performing tedious tasks such as editing text, trimming wires, changing layers
  • Duplicating your efforts by separately tracking data for project deliverables - such as BOMs, wire and cable reports, or other important documentation
  • Spending hours producing documentation when you should be designing valuable reusable content.
  • Needing to spend more time being an engineer and less time doing documentation