Meltech manufacture induction melting equipment for melting metal in foundries and with an increased need for 3D Metal printing, Meltech use SOLIDWORKS for all their design requirements.

Meltech has doubled in size within the last 10 years, which in conjunction to working with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD they have been able to deliver a larger scope of solutions for customers.

Having initially invested in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for designers centered around sheet metal and weldments, Meltech have increased their software capabilities with SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS PDM in recent years. Such developments have benefited Meltech for designing PID control and providing them with the ability to have more than one user working on the same SOLIDWORKS designs.

By their own assessment, Meltech could not have made their machinery without using SOLIDWORKS because of the required complexity and accuracy of their designs. With SOLIDWORKS saving them vast amounts of valuable time, the team have been able to explore more complex solutions using SOLIDWORKS Mechanical and SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows Meltech to design features such as wire referencing, component referencing and further features that are necessary for Meltech to meet the required internationally accepted standards while saving between 30-40% on design time. This has greatly changed their process of working by eradicating the need for prototypes because of the trust they have in SOLIDWORKS.

Post design features provided by SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows Meltech to render the complete project for further marketing opportunities, with SOLIDWORKS eDrawings enables the sales and project management teams to show customers solutions and project.