SOLIDWORKS Simulation for Weldment Structures

Fast, accurate computational analysis in SOLIDWORKS® Simulation enables you to subject designs to real-world conditions to raise product quality while also reducing physical testing costs.

In the case of weldment assemblies, SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be used to analyze mixed geometry types, determine safe operating loads, easily explore multiple load case scenarios, address vibration concerns, predict worst case conditions, and reduce the need for physical prototyping. During this 45-minute webinar, the following concepts will be illustrated using a Skid Assembly model:

  • Analyzing mixed geometry types such as weldments, sheet metal and solids
  • Linear static analysis of a skid assembly
  • Load Case Manager to manage and validate the performance of multiple use case scenarios
  • Addressing vibration concerns with Frequency and Dynamic analysis
  • Introduction to Design Optimization tools to automate weldment design iterations